• Maja Belle

Neue Gruppe: English Salon - Tea or Cocktails

Beginning Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Twice monthly on Tuesdays

Morning or evening

10 am to 12 noon


07 pm to 09 pm

(Mit der Anmeldung geben Sie bitte Ihre bevorzugte Uhrzeit an.)

Different times, same theme

at Chez Belle, Königstein

Read, watch, cogitate, converse


Multimedia (yes, that still includes real books)

Examples of discussion Topics

  • The Distinguished Gentleman 1992, has anything changed? The Honorable Gentlemen, Kingsman.

  • 7000 years wine and still going strong—Middle East??? With taste test.

  • Henry James, The Bostonians, and feminism.

  • Audrey Tang, Taiwan, how her team (of hackers) effect a transparent democracy.

  • Countries, culture, people. Basques, Kurds, Kashmiris. Similarities, differences.

  • Teas. Black, green, tisane. Twinings, Art of Tea, Mariage Frères, Ronnefeldt.

  • Climate change. There’s something positive?

  • Urban farming, vertical and rooftop gardens in Paris.

  • Old fashioned cursing. Knigge vs. Raue Zeiten.

  • Nights in the Museum and the original book. A little Greek spice.

There are no right or wrong answers, just ideas & discussion.

Sie sind neugierig und haben Humor? Herzlich Willkommen. Happy New Year y’all.

RSVP / UAwg: bis January 07, 2020 oder 06174-2938378

Maja Belle

#Mitwirkung #Königstein

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